We live busy lives, in hectic environments, therefore escapism plays a large role in ensuring balance. We watch movies, play video games, have a few drinks, usually within the limits of convenience. Personally i think that's fine, but i'd like to experience other things, see beautiful new places, but with a busy work week and ever multiplying social commitments, it's hard to plan. Some places might even be too difficult to reach, either financially or physically, and in a world where we've become so accustomed to instant gratification, those experiences might never become a reality.

Project Serenity currently involves:

  • Developing a mobile app to enable members to experience different relaxing surreal environments combining real-life nature with fantasy to create a seemingly alternate parallel universe where only beauty and harmony exists.
  • Creating custom VR environments for spas and relaxation centres to enable their clients to totally engage their minds through the VR headset while the spa's facilities engage their bodies.
  • Setting up VR relaxation spaces within corporate offices to give staff a break from their work in order to help increase productivity through peace of mind. 

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Team Genesis VR