With the growing excitement and attention for VR today, an attentive public are on the verge of  something truly remarkable. Although media focus is on VR gaming, opportunities are presenting themselves elsewhere demonstrating the spectacular nature of VR.

An area of great intrigue for us at GenesisVR is therapeutic VR treatment. Our own Project Serenity VR aims to create fully-immersive relaxation experiences that users can enjoy as part of a well-being spa treatment or even at home alone time. Indeed, the very notion of VR therapy has far-reaching benefits beyond what we could possibly imagine, and isn’t something that should be snubbed as mere fantasy.

Virtual Reality Immersion Therapy (VRIT) is being used to treat patients suffering with anxiety disorders, phobias, and even acting as one of the primary treatments in post-traumatic stress disorder cases*. From a fear of flying to speaking in public, to agoraphobia to claustrophobia, practitioners can adapt the virtual environments to degree of the patient’s disorder, slowly building up their tolerance through a series of triggers and exposures. VRIT can provide the patient with vivid experiences without any of the associated risks of real-world treatment. Taking a more relaxed approach in which the least distressing stimuli are introduced first**, the treatment can take place under controlled settings without any irregularities or hazardous variables.

So imagine being able to cure a life-long fear of spiders from the comfort of your own home, or helping yourself through difficult time after a traumatic incident at your own pace. Or what about finally doing something about your ongoing and reoccurring stress? 

The possibilities are literally as endless as your imagination. VR is so much more than just gaming - it offers a new-age cure to so many of our most historical and persistent quandaries. 

Team GenesisVR